Owl and Fishy handprints, PreK – K


PREPARE BACKGROUND: In a contrasting color to what your handprints will be, paint a wash a craft paint over the entire background     (colors shouldn’t be too dark so that handprint art will be seen). Allow drying completely. If you choose to use watercolors for background be careful NOT to saturate the paper with water! This could cause the paper to buckle and possibly make it unscannable.


  1. PAINTING OF OWL HANDPRINTS: With craft paint, have children paint two tree branches extending out from the side of the art paper. Add some leaves and branches, and let dry. Pour a small amount of washable craft paint in desired shades of brown onto a tray. Gently press the child’s hand into paint and press upside down (so fingers are pointing towards the bottom of page) on the painted branch so the edge of palm sits on branch and fingers extend below the branch. Repeat this step on the second branch with the opposite hand. Allow drying. Paint two large round eyes and beak at top of the hand, and two bird feet at the base of the palm (before the fingers- or “tail starts).
  2. PAINTING RAINBOW FISH HANDPRINT: Pour a small amount of different colored washable craft paint onto a tray. With a soft paintbrush, paint different color paint on each of the child’s fingers and palm. Gently press the child’s painted hand HORIZONTALLY in the center of the page (so that fingers point to the side of the paper-like “fins). Allow to dry, then add an eye and mouth and a few bubbles.
  3. PAINTING CLOWNFISH HANDPRINT: Pour small amounts of orange washable craft paint onto a tray. Gently press the child’s hand into the orange paint and press the painted hand HORIZONTALLY
    in the center of the page (so that fingers point to the side of the paper-like fins). Allow to dry, and then with either a paintbrush or child’s finger, add an eye, mouth and two white stripes on the fish’s body. Add a few bubbles and some seaweed on the bottom.
  4. DON’T FORGET TO PUT STUDENT NAME AND YEAR ON THE DRAWING, at least one inch away from the outside border.

Required Materials

  • 01Display My Art drawing paper.
  • 02Watercolor paint, Washable craft/acrylic paint.
  • 03Paintbrush, Magic markers (optional).
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